Ultraviolet Robot Solutions

The Helios ADV (Autonomous Disinfection Vehicle) is the ONLY Multi-Stage unit available on the market today, proudly manufactured in the United Kingdom and deployed in over 20 countries worldwide, offering both UVC surface disinfection and HEPA/254 nm UV-C air filtration/disinfection capabilities:

  • Stage 1: HEPA/UV-C air filtration mode, unit can be deployed when people are present;
  • Stage 2: Outward facing UV-C surface disinfection mode, unit only deployed with area secured with no people present in the disinfection envelope;
  • Stage 3: Dual surface and air disinfection mode, unit only deployed with area secured with no people present in the disinfection envelope.

The Helios ADV travels at approximately 25 ft per minute (1,500 ft per hour) to disinfect tens of thousands of square feet every cleaning cycle. Additionally, the unit features sophisticated mapping and reporting software to log its activity. a few inches under six feet, Helios powered 254 nm Phillips UV-C bulbs disinfect over a five-foot arc 360 degree range on surfaces within the units pathogen denature/kill radius.

Unlike other units designed to disinfect surfaces that can only operate outside the presence of humans, the Helios can operate in Stage 1 HEPA/UV-C air filtration mode disinfecting tens of thousands of cubic feet of air either in a stationary position (typically while docked in its customized display stand) or while in motion. Operating in Stage 3 Dual mode in a secure disinfection envelope, the Helios ADV provides another layer of protection against the spread of pathogens through the air and from surface to human contamination.

A recent study from Tel Aviv University confirms UV light can disinfect against COVID-19. Read more about the findings in EuroWeekly News and Medical News Today.

Robotic Solutions

It was once said a fork truck salesman couldn’t spell AGVs. Not at Alta. We provide proof of concept, simulations, Rough order of Magnitude (ROM), installation, commissioning and service and financing, standard as our solution package. Alta has strategic partners in the AGV space who support mission critical activities. No longer are you given a bag of parts from your AGV supplier and told good luck. Our nationwide service organization provides service and support for our large customer base.

Motive Power Solutions

Motive power solutions are evolving at a rapid pace. At any given time, there are 8-10 lithium providers, 5-6 charger manufacturers, 4 hydrogen players and 4-5 lead acid battery companies. Each one states their solution is best for your operation. Alta is the only company with expertise in all their product lines and has developed the tools to best support your operation.

We employ a good, better and best approach when providing solutions. Self-performing our own power studies with our proprietary modeling software allows us to determine if lead acid, TPPL, lithium, hydrogen, fast charge or opportunity charge solutions are right for your operation. We are the first lift truck dealer in the nation to bring all this expertise under one roof to meet our customer needs.

Hydrogen Solutions

Three minutes and work the rest of the shift. That’s the value proposition when looking at hydrogen-powered fleets. Hydrogen is pressurized at over 6000 PSI. It only takes 3 minutes to fill your forklift and then operators can run another 6-8 hours on their shift. No plugging in during breaks needed.

Alta, along with our partners, Nuvera, OneH2 and HYG provide, the first of its kind, turnkey subscription model for Hydrogen power material handling fleets. No long is it necessary to pay millions of dollars up front to install a hydrogen system.

Alta and our partners are completely agnostic when it comes to hydrogen generation. We can generate hydrogen on site with SMR reformers, through liquid evaporation and even deliver gaseous hydrogen on-site to your operations. There is never one size fits all when it comes to hydrogen.