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Safety Training for Forklift Operators

Proper operator training is a must for anyone operating heavy machinery like forklifts. It’s also an OSHA requirement. 

If you’re like most managers, you also know that a skilled operator can have an enormous impact on your bottom line. A safer workplace is a more productive (and profitable) workplace and we’re here to help you reach those goals. 

Alta Material Handling’s experienced trainers have extensive knowledge in operator safety training, combining outstanding training materials with time-tested teaching methods.

  • OSHA and ANSI-compliant training

  • Industry standard recommendations

  • Course-specific training materials

  • Evaluations to ensure material retention.

  • Flexible scheduling by day or evening

  • Operator Certificate and Permit Card (3-year maximum)

We guarantee you’ll start seeing improvements in safety and productivity immediately. Call today to schedule your training.

Technical & Mechanical Training

ALTA Material Handling offers technical training on Powered Industrial Trucks to assist your technicians in preventing downtime, cutting diagnostic time, and reducing overall maintenance costs.

Program Features & Topics

Basic Technician Training

  • Safety- proper PPE and correct use of tools

  • Periodic Maintenance

  • Basic Electrical

  • Basic Hydraulics

  • Basic Fuel Systems

  • Classroom and Hands on training included


Hyster-Yale Certified Product Training

  • Propane, Gas, and Diesel Products

  • Electric Sit-down Products

  • Electric Stand Products