Complex Routes and Packaging

The demand for longer routes and more to unload is apparent, which is why it’s important to ensure you’re able to keep up with the market demand. PeakLogix can help make your business needs a reality, with products and services designed to keep you on track and save money during the process.

Are you able to accommodate odd-shaped, single-pack items and the increase in direct store delivery distribution model?

  • Did you know that our direct store delivery package can help achieve 11% greater productivity? It includes a lithium-ion battery pack to increase runtimes and also features industry-leading maneuverability within multiple pallet configurations

  • Oddly shaped packages are tough to store, but our heavyweight handler simplifies the process by allowing for easy product access and maneuverability. It provides an ergonomic experience that can also reduce the labor needed by up to 40%. It also can cut unloading times by up to 50%, allowing you to work within tight timelines

*Disclaimer: Not all brands mentioned are available at all locations