Keep Your Workforce At The Forefront

Retention, recruitment, regulations, and constant changes make it difficult to keep up. Streamline your operating needs with our team.

How are you retaining employees and reducing injuries at the worksite?

  • Optimize your workflow and allow your employees to provide more value through robotics to streamline transporting, picking up, and dropping off any pallets you need to move. Consider PeakLogix your material handling integration partner, we’ll help you decrease costs, increase throughput, and improve productivity through our state-of-the-art technology

  • Keep your workforce’s comfort at the top of your mind with one of our reach trucks. They include ergonomic features and a pedal-free design to enhance their experience on the worksite

  • XT offers a wide range of features, including ergonomic and technical ones to provide comfort, handling, and easy entry and exit

  • Stay up to date with OSHA regulations, fire marshals, insurance companies, and other agencies with EX explosion-proof lift trucks, especially helpful for those working with combustible materials and dust

  • Reinforce desired behavior through telematics to track training updates, provide impact monitoring, and get insights through incident data