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Periodic Maintenance

Our Periodic Maintenance plans help maintain productivity and uptime by ensuring your equipment performs when you need it.

  • Professional inspection of all major components and systems, including fluids and safety devices
  • Written report detailing current condition of each unit
  • Flexible, reliable scheduling
  • Two-hour guaranteed response time in Michigan, Indiana, New England & Upstate New York; four hours in Chicago & New York Metro

Guaranteed Maintenance

Our Guaranteed Maintenance plan offers customers a complete service solution for new or existing fleets. Alta Material Handling will assume responsibility for all aspects of managing your forklift and material handling equipment fleet.

  • Complete repair coverage

  • Regular inspections

  • Highly-trained service technicians

  • 48-hour loaner guarantee

  • One monthly invoice

  • Guaranteed service response time (2 hrs in MI and IN; 4 hrs in IL)

  • Parts, labor, supplies, travel time included

  • Free program estimates for your existing fleet

Complete Features

Alta Fleet Management's team will work with you to create a customized plan for your business. Whether you prefer our Periodic or Guaranteed Maintenance plan, our Fleet Management experts will make sure it has all the features and benefits you need for your specific business requirements. Find your nearest Alta Material Handling branch and get in touch today — we look forward to working with you. Customers with All the Fleet Management enjoy:

  • Guaranteed 15% reduction in operating costs

  • Optimized fleet sizes: no need for backup units

  • Controlled cash flow: one fixed monthly expense

  • Peace of mind: full coverage means no surprises!