Power is Power – Not necessarily the case.  Different chemistries exist in lead acid (Tubular vs. Flat Plate vs. TPPL), lithium Ion (LiFP vs NMC vs NiMH), supported by a variety of charging algorithms (Standard, Opportunity, Fast, Ionic) and finally charging rates .16C vs .25C vs.4C vs 1C.   Back of the napkin, this represents over 50 different combinations of power solutions.  Very confusing for even battery guys.

Alta takes all the finger pointing away and gives you a comprehensive solution to meet your specific needs. Not all lithium is created equal, and not all lead acid batteries are created equal and not all chargers are created equal. We bust the Myths.

No Finger Pointing

Proprietary modeling software allows us to engineer you power solution the right way the first time.  Installing our logger takes all of 5 minutes and the only tool needed is a Philips screwdriver.  No jumper cables, no clunky devices, no operator downtime.

Programming and downloads are completed wirelessly and seamlessly. Power studies take on average two weeks to complete and complement an extensive facility audit and survey. We will know your facility better than you at the end of the audit.

Why Lithium Ion:

  • No Watering

  • No Equalizing

  • No “Short Life Adjustment” fights with your battery supplier

  • 2-4 times fast charge rate

  • On/Off Button

  • No Battery Droop – 5% increase in pick per hour

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