Distribution Center Design

Alta Material Handling offers comprehensive distribution center design services to maximize productivity, improve processes and increase safety. We provide turnkey warehouse solutions for every step of the way, whether you’re in the initial planning stages or looking for ways to take your existing operation to the next level. Contact us today to speak with a specialist about how to start optimizing your existing facility or future distribution center.

PeakLogix Warehouse Solutions

PeakLogix, now owned by Alta Material Handling, has been improving warehouse efficiency for over thirty years. We are experts at helping companies lower operating costs, increase throughput, improve productivity, and gain efficiencies to run a safer, more profitable warehouse. We collaborate closely with clients to create custom solutions to support their specific priorities and goals. From optimal racking designs to replacing manual tasks with automated systems, we can help you expand your business to reach your goals.

ScottTech Warehouse Automation

Automation can help any warehouse improve throughput, maximize space utilization, and ultimately increase profits through directly implementing lean principles into the workflow. ScottTech, now owned by Alta Material Handling, offers a variety of innovative products and services to integrate automation into any warehouse. With more than 30 years of experience, we offer comprehensive warehouse automation services from consulting to custom fabrication to installation. Our automated systems include storage and retrieval systems (ASRS)- shuttles, carousels, vertical lift modules (VLMs), robotic forklfits (AGVs), packaging systems, warehouse management software and deep lane unit load storage systems  that can increase efficiency and reduce the need for staff to perform manual tasks. By increasing fulfillment accuracy; reducing the amount of unused, unprofitable space; and eliminating the need to increase staff to handle more tasks; warehouses can take on and move higher volumes of products faster, more accurately with the same number of team mates.

Turn-Key Warehouse Services

We make upgrading your warehouse easy. Our project management services are second to none with our commitment to making all design and installation as streamlined as possible. Whether you haven’t broken ground yet or are looking to improve an existing facility, we can help you create a warehouse based on lean principles to maximize efficiency and profits.

Service & Support

We’re dedicated to being good business partners long after your warehouse project has been completed. We provide delivery and assembly of parts, maintenance and repairs, and customer training. We understand how time is money for warehouses: our experienced technicians are available 24/7 to help keep your equipment running its best to minimize downtime. We also offer routine maintenance plans to prevent your equipment from experiencing costly unexpected failures.