You’ll find everything you need for your loading dock at Alta Material Handling. Whether you’re building a new loading dock or optimizing your existing loading area, we’ll help you pick the right equipment to maximize your productivity and keep your area safe. We have convenient locations throughout New England and New York. Browse our loading dock equipment below to learn more or give us a call.

Dock Levelers

Dock levelers bridge the gap and height difference between the dock and the trailer. They also minimize product spills, wear and tear on equipment, and the strong vibrations which cause chronic back and neck injuries for forklift operators. A dock leveler includes a hinged ramp (hinged along its rear edge) and a lip (hinged at the front of the ramp).

Dock Seals & Shelters

Dock shelters provide a seal between the truck and the loading area. Having a seal or shelter will make your operation more energy efficient, protect against debris or pests, and shield you from rain or snow.

Dock Lifts

Make your dock totally accessible, increase productivity and improve safety with dock lifts. Dock lifts make it easy to move product from the truck bed onto the ground while keeping your employees safe and reducing chances for product damage. Available in a wide variety of sizes and weights capacities for many operations.

Truck Restraints

Truck restraints safely secure trailers to the loading dock. They minimize the chances the trailer and dock will separate, ensuring a smooth loading or unloading process.

Dock Impact Barriers

Dock impact barriers are physical barriers you can install at all loading docks. They help prevent forklifts and pedestrians from falling off the dock when the door is open.


Control panels integrate with trailer restraints to add efficiency and safety to loading operations. Master control panels can help prevent accidents and damage by alerting workers to the status of trailer restraints.

Communication Systems

Automatic: The signaling device alerts drivers and dock personnel to the status of docked or docking trucks and can be interlocked with other equipment.

Manual: A high visibility safety signaling device. With the trailer in the proper position, the operator manually switches the exterior light to red and the interior light to green signaling the trailer is safe to load.

Loading Dock Installation and Service Available

We’ll take care of everything you need to get your loading dock working properly. We offer installation for your new equipment, plus exceptional service you can count on for the life of your equipment. We’re dedicated to supporting your business, in any way we can. Give us a call today to schedule your installation or service.

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