We hope you’ll never have to actually use this equipment, but it’s best to always be prepared. Our goal is to help you make your loading dock area as safe as it can be in case of a fire.  We’ll work with you to successfully design and install environmentally progressive fire and smoke equipment to fit your needs. Browse our equipment below or give us a call and we can recommend the right products for your business. With locations throughout New York and New England, we’ll be able to meet all your loading dock needs.

Smoke Curtains

Smoke curtains help control smoke and keep it contained. It’s there to either stop smoke from reaching another zone or channel it through a particular route. These curtains break up airflow along the ceiling and don’t reach the floor–this way they don’t block the escape path.

Fire Curtains

Fire curtains provide fire separation between two spaces. They may also provide smoke control, but their primary purpose is to prevent the spread of fire. In case of a fire, they descend from the ceiling to create a blockage in front of the fire, protecting your building and your employees. They typically protect an open stairway or prevent fire from moving from one floor to another, as in through an open atrium.

Coiling Fire Doors

Commercial fire doors can withstand the extreme heat of fires and close automatically in the event of a fire or alarmed event. Fire doors protect occupants, block the spread of flames and smoke, and minimize overall property damage. We sell a variety of fire doors to meet the most demanding fire safety standards. Our fire doors can accommodate unusual opening sizes and aesthetic requirements as well.

Service and Inspections at Alta Material Handling

Most safety equipment requires regular inspections to ensure that they’ll work properly in case of an emergency. Give us a call to schedule your routine equipment inspection. We’ll keep you in compliance with local regulations and help protect your business.

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