With AGVs and AMRs, your facility can take advantage of 24/7 operations while you reallocate skilled labor to value-adding positions


AMRs from Alta Robotics, powered by Vecna, have an industry-leading top speed of 6.7 MPH and the fastest pallet pickup available.


Our best-in-class, specialized service and support team ensures your material handling operations have minimal downtime.


We have one of the most extensive service networks in the industry, providing you with prompt attention for all your maintenance needs.

Robotics With Immediate Financial Gains

The largest hurdles to integrating robotics into your material handling applications are the financial commitment and upfront costs. Our Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS) leasing model offers a tailored solution with structured payments over the life of the contract. This allows you to integrate the latest innovations and technologies without a huge investment.

High-Performance AMRs By Alta Robotics

Introducing the fastest AMRs available, with an industry-leading top speed of 6.7 MPH. Paired with the most advanced navigation system in the industry, AMRs from Alta Robotics, powered by Vecna, maximize throughput, operational efficiencies, and human and robot collaboration.

Versatile and efficient, this AMR can move a wide range of payloads and pallet types, lift to conveyor belts, and work alongside other material handling equipment. 

High Reach, More Payload: Reach up to 72" with a payload of up to 3,000 lbs.

Versatile Pallet Handling: Handle a variety of pallet payloads, from empty to full.

Integrated Handoffs: Lift to and from conveyors, wrappers, carts, and more.

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For high-capacity transport in on-demand lineside replenishment, long distance high-throughput hauling, and non-conveyable transport at sortation hubs.

Advanced Pallet Handling: Handle a variety of pallets with or without bottom boards.

Multi-Pallet Hauling: Take on double-stacked pallets up to 8,000 lbs.

Task Interleaving: Replan missions in real-time to optimize full efficiency.

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For high-throughput facilities, taking on the burden of long-distance hauling and eliminating non-value-added travel for material handling equipment operators. 

High Speed, High Capacity: Transport more and faster with trains up to 10,000 lbs.

Adaptable to Workflows: Retool or refine paths and destinations quickly.

Flexible Configurations: Tow a variety of carts at varying train lengths.

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At Alta Robotics, we use our expert knowledge and ongoing relationships with equipment providers to find, engineer, and install the best solution for your individual needs. We work with all types of automated vehicles – from counterbalanced fork trucks and counterbalanced stackers, pallet trucks, and tuggers to robotic reach trucks, end-riders, and more – to design the best solution for you.


There’s growing adoption of material handling robotics across manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and distribution centers. Industry experts are predicting the global market will reach $71B by 2027. IMRs, including AMRs and AGVs, are leading this growth. These modular, scalable robotics are versatile enough to be easily integrated into any facility, and as the size of the fleet grows over more shifts, the costs become easier to justify and the ROI to realize.

Introducing Alta Robotics

This next-generation AMR offers vertical lift of up to 72”. Its ability to move a wider range of payloads and pallet types and lift inventory to and from equipment is unmatched. It seamlessly works alongside other material handling vehicles and human labor to improve productivity.

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