TPPL batteries are designed for shallow state of charge and opportunity charging, offering 40% more cycles than other lead acid batteries.


Lithium-ion batteries have 2-4 times the charge rate of lead acid batteries and can be charged almost anywhere at any time.


Lithium-ion batteries and hydrogen-fuel cells last the service life of a forklift, handling more than 3,000 full charge cycles.


Hydrogen fuel cells provide the highest level of performance with less than 5-minutes of refill powering 6-8 hours of run time.

Our Advanced Power Solutions

Our goal at Alta Motive Power is to provide you with the industry’s best industrial motive power battery or fuel solutions, including lift truck lead acid, lithium-ion batteries, and hydrogen fuel cells. We start with a discovery process to determine which power source is right for you, then compare the benefits of different manufacturers. Our proprietary modeling software lets us engineer the right power solution for your unique needs. We help you reduce your total cost of ownership and increase your productivity and performance.

Lead acid forklift batteries offer some of the lowest costs of acquisition. Traditional Flat-Plate designs are a tried-and-true technology, perfect for smaller operations. Tubular lead acid batteries offer increased performance and reliability. And Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) batteries, combined with a battery monitoring device, provide increased throughput for partial state of charge operations, opportunity and fast charging, and minimal maintenance.

  • Lowest total cost of acquisition

  • Developed technology with a range of capacities

Lithium-ion forklift battery technology stores energy more densely than lead acid. The batteries can be smaller, which affects everything from the environmental impact to the space they take up in your machines. Forklift lithium-ion batteries deliver a more consistent voltage longer and have an increased lifespan compared to lead acid batteries. And because they charge quickly there’s no need for bays of spare batteries, or for operators to spend time swapping those batteries out.

  • More voltage for longer run time

  • No need for spare batteries or storage room

Hydrogen fuel cells offer the densest energy storage and best performance in the industry. For high-throughput operations running 24/7, the benefits of hydrogen are unmatched. They provide a completely continuous voltage output with zero battery droop, and a full shift can run after less than five minutes of charging. The benefits of hydrogen fuel are currently cost-prohibitive for smaller operations, but those costs are projected to drop over the next 5 to 10 years as the technology becomes more widespread.

  • Densest storage and best performance available

  • Continuous voltage output with zero battery droop

Benefits Of Alta Motive Power Solutions

The number one goal in almost all manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and distribution centers is to perform your activities with high productivity and profitability. Our advanced power sources can help you achieve both and are easily integrated into every facility to replace your current lift truck batteries or fuel.

Upgrade To Advanced Power

Easy Conversion

Alta Motive Power simplifies the complicated process of converting your lift trucks. Whether you currently have gas fueled or electric forklifts, we perform an extensive discovery process, including power and feasibility studies. Then we collaborate with you to identify the right solutions for your needs. Once those solutions are found and their costs justified, we install the new power systems to convert your trucks.

Aftermarket Support

As a specialized group of Alta Material Handling, we center our business on our customers. That means after we install and implement a power solution, our staff of trained technicians is there 24/7 to help with any issues, including software updates and fleet expansions and additions. Already a customer? Learn how we can further support your ongoing needs.

Immediate Financial Impact

Our engineers work to find a product that offsets the costs of your current legacy fuels. Maintenance, charging time, and battery swapping all represent lost time and floor space, and are opportunities to recoup losses by upgrading to Premium TPPL batteries, lithium-ion batteries or hydrogen fuel cells. We help you stay cashflow positive from day one by updating your electric lift trucks.